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It's Time...For Salad Time!

Welcome to the home page of the midwest's own Sailor Moon Musical Tribute Group, the Salad Time Soldiers! We're an ever-growing group always looking for fresh talent, stage ninjas and groupies! If you wish to learn more about the group, visit the info section; and you can find out about our current members under the member section! Even if your dream role isn't open, feel free to apply for a role in the future! We look forward to hearing from you ^_^


September 6th, 2016: [Sweats Nervously]

Another long break, sorry for the silence, folks! We are still alive and kicking; in fact, we finished our Villain Show back in July! Unfortunatly, it's taken us a bit to get it uploaded to youtube. It's now up for your viewing pleasure! Isn't that exciting?! A few songs did get cut off, so I appologize for that. We had to swap out SD cards with the device we used to record.
In other news, website got tweaked; I kind of forgot to save all of my .psd files for the graphics, whoops. So I decided to remake most of them! We now have the newest Moon Actress, Hotaru, featured at the top of our page! We also have had some cast shifting: Unfortunatly, Cookie is no longer able to be a staple cast member, so she has resigned from the role of Neptune. However, she will be our Sailor Astarte! And will come to shows when she can. We still have several openings, so come and check them out!


Unfortunatly, due to my lack of knowledge witH PHP, the application page still has the old layout. I can't figure out how to fix this, so if anyone has any pointers, let me know! Please don't use the links on that page, as they will lead to the OLD website.