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Sailor Chibi-Moon


Nickname: Shorty(lol), Sakura-chan, XxStrawberrySakura, bunny-chan (self -nicknamed lol)

Birthday: May 12th

Age: 22

Height: 4'10"

Location: West Virgina (for now, moving back to kentucky ;) )

Favorite Color: Pink, Purple

Favorite Musical: Sera myu: 2002 Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady Kaiteiban , and 1997 Sailor Stars kaiteiban (made me literally cry) Non Sera-Myu: The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Best, Hairspray, Footloose, wicked, and the Lion King

Favorite Musical Performer: Ooyama Anza, Kuroki Marina, Miyazaki Noel, Kawasaki Mao

Favorite Song to Sing: La soldier, link, Last Change, Solar Miracle Make-up, Pinky Typhoon, Mata mata chibiusa desu, Sailor War, L'amour D'amour MoonLight, Kono kodou kara yoru wa umarenai, Moonlight Densetsu

Favorite Character to See Performed: Sailor Moon/ Usagi, Chibiusa/Sailor Moon, The Inners(mars,jupiter,venus,mercury), outers(saturn,neptune,pluto,uranus), and my fav. enemys are black lady,aaron and mana,galaxia, and iron mouse

Favorite Song to See Performed: Knockin Down Hesitation, Sailor Busters,Pinky Typhoon, Mata Mata Chibiusa desu, La Solider, Moonlight Densetsu,tsukino no syndicate, honno no messager, Zig zag slash, traditonal the grace, drive me mercury,Forbidden Hades,Moment Fatal, Sailor War,Sailor war supreme, broken miobus, kono kodou kara yoru wa umarenai, sorezore no elegy, L'Amour D,amour Moonlight, and alot I can't remember lol

Special Skills: I love to voice act with a passion :) I believe it is something I would love to have a career in for the future. I also am good with computers and creating movies

Hobbies: Voice Acting ;), Watch Sailor Moon Stuff on youtube, Watching anime and other tv shows(Parking wars and Face Off lol) , Cooking,and cleaning sometimes, Cosplaying,movies Video Games, Reading, and Dancing

A Bit About Yourself: Well I have to say my acting started with sailor moon. When I was 4 I always ask my mom to put my hair in dog ears so I could act like sailor moon lol. But then it got cancelled and I found other anime to watch. But about a year ago I heard about Anime musicals and it wasn't even attend for Sailor Moon, I was searching for Bleach and Inuyasha, but the first thing that popped up was Sera Myu and learned it was sailor moon. So I saw the 2002 Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady Kaiteiban one and fell in love :D I also saw the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Live action Series and fell even more in love lol so I now have a sailor moon addiction thanks to sera myu and youtube lol but I love alot of anime like naruto, bleach,H.O.T.D and alot of others.I have not cosplay as anyone, so chibi-moon is the first ^^ so I am a huge otaku and a Video Gamer, and I am currently in love with the new sailor moon manga ^^ I am short too I am 4'10 but who doesn't love chibi's ;) , I have actually performed in 2 musicals in high school and they where Aida (slavewoman) and Singin in The Rain(Policewomanand extras).I have to say my personality is exactly like serena's I am very emotional and I tend to be forgetful sometimes. And that's pretty much it :D I am so glad to meet new people who have the same love for sailor moon as I do and I am honored to be your chibi-moon ^^