GarasuNoShiCon 2009

Salad Time Soldiers attended GarasuNoShiCon on May 30, 2009 as official guests. With a cast of Moon, Mercury, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn, we performed our first full-length show. With an 18-set show, there was much dancing, many laughs, and a lot of being silly. The set consisted of:

1. Chikyuu Iro wa Salad Time (Seating)
2. Ii ko wa Yameta
3. An Evil Dream
4. Wake up! Usagi
5. Tsukiiro no Syndicate
6. Mata Mata Chibi-Usa desu
8. Choubi! Uranus to Neptune
9. Moonlight Justice
10. Broken MOBIUS
11. La Moon
12. Honoo no Messenger
13. Drive Me the Mercury
14. You're My Jewelry
15. LINK
16. Solar Miracle Make-Up! (Curtain Call)
17. Drive Me the Mercury encore (Live)
18. La Soldier

Our new member Julie was cast shortly before the show, so there was no time to add her role into the show. Instead, she performed "Mata Mata Chibi-Usa desu" live, out of costume, and also made a guest appearance in "Moonlight Justice."

We surprised the girls with a dance off to the song "FIRE." None of them were aware of what was going to happen, and it seemed the audience was very pleased with the impromtu dancing. The audience declared Neptune to be the winner of the dance off, and in reward, she (partnered with Uranus) performed "Choubi! Uranus to Neptune" live.

Mercury and Mars hosted a duet corner and called 2 audience members up onto the stage. They sang "You're My Jewelry" to their respective partners, with much silliness.

This performance was the last for 2 of our members. Mercury, and our Manager Erik. Both members were presented with flowers, hugs, and kind words. In honor of the occasion, Mercury sang "Drive Me the Mercury" live for everyone, beautifully. We look forward to when Mercury returns from her studies abroad and joins us again.

Outside of the show, Moon, Mercury, and Mars worked in the maid cafe. Dressed in their maid uniforms, they delivered drinks and snacksm played games, danced, and entertained guests. We got a chance to meet with many fans at the cafe, and loved talking with them.

GarasuNoShiCon was very fun, with the show, and the many friendly attendees. We hope to be able to attend and perform again, and have as much fun as we did this year!