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Come and see some media of us, including exciting videos!


The links to our two photo galleries lead to the photobucket of our techie, Pixies. The password to view the photos is "saladtime" <3

Glass City Con 2010

Glass City Con 2011

More to come!


Glass City Con 2016

Divided into 4 parts; some pieces are missing, due to us having to switch out SD Cards. My appologies!

Glass City Con 2014

Ohayocon 2013

Masq Skit

Matsuricon 2012

Performance Note: It's divided into 6 parts!

Ohayocon 2012


Panels & Interview coming soon!

Glass City Con 2011

Rehersal Footage


Glass City Con 2010

You can find a recap and video of our Sailor Moon Panel at the Family of Moonlight website, found here!

Our interview with the website can also be found here!

Ohayocon 2009

Glass City Con 2009

Unfortunatly, all of our show is cut into segments (a total of 20 of them!), so there's going to be links to them instead of embedded videos. Sorry!

I also appologize for the low lighting in the early ones.

Ii Ko wa Yamata * An Evil Dream * Wake Up! Usagi!! * Tsukiiro no Syndicate
Mata Mata Chibi-usa Desu * Fun Stalling! * The Dance Off! * Choubi! Uranus to Neptune
Moonlight Justice * Broken Mobius * La Moon * Honoo no Messanger
Drive me the Mercury * You're my Jewelry * LINK * Curtian Call
Graduation * Jenna's Farewell Song * La Soldier * Bonus! An Adorable Girl

Ohayocon 2008