Salad Time Soldiers - Sailor Mercury

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Sailor Mercury

Name: Madison

Nickname: Maddie, Maddog, Killer Teddy bear

Birthday: October 17th

Age: 18

Height: 5'3"/4"

Location: Michigan

Favorite Color: Purple, Black

Favorite Musical: A Very Potter Musical

Favorite Musical Performer: Darren Chris

Favorite Song to Sing: Don't have one

Favorite Character to See Performed: Not sure

Favorite Song to See Performed: Not sure

Special Skills: Dancing

Hobbies: Singing, guitar playing, acting, dancing

A Bit About Yourself: I'm short, loves anime and a Doctor Who and Harry Potter fan. Loves playing guitar, not very smart but talentt hough. There's not much else. I'm a little shy but very open all by myself. Love to sing and act.