Ohayocon 2008

The Salad Time Soldiers made their first appearance in full senshi uniform during the Masquerade at Ohayocon on January 5, 2008. The group not only learned the dance for La Moon, but also made their new costumes, during the last half of the year. There were only two group practices, neither of which had a complete team. There were also membership changes, welcoming two new senshi but losing one and having one switch to a support role, as well as one moving further away from Ohio.

Despite all of the cast changes, distance, and persistent costuming challenges, the group was committed to having the performance. Only three senshi - Moon, Mercury, and Saturn - were able to perform, but they filled the stage with enough presence for the entire Sailor Team!

The Soldiers were given a special introduction by the two hosts of the Masquerade:

Ladies and gentlemen! For the first time at Ohayocon, we present a Sailor Moon musical tribute group from right here in Ohio, the Salad Time Soldiers! Please welcome them in their debut performance of La Moon. Let's hear it for the Salad Time Soldiers!

Cheers erupted from throughout the audience! We did not anticipate such a warm reception and it was definitely more than we could have received from our friends who were there.

The trio of Soldiers danced to an appreciative crowd and had no technical difficulties to get in the way. They put a lot of heart into their show. It came together well after facing numerous obstacles. The group did not win any awards, but they received many compliments and photo requests after the Masquerade ended.

The dream of a Sera Myu tribute group was realized... but there is definitely more to come.