Ohayocon 2009

The Salad Time Soldiers returned to the Masquerade at Ohayocon on January 31, 2009. This time with five senshi - Moon, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Uranus - the team performed a dance for LINK to a packed house. They put together this dance while scattered across the country, practicing individually and having only one group rehearsal together. Despite the challenges brought on by distance, they performed with energy and heart, giving the crowd a great show!

Sera Myu fan and audience member "Mazoku" had this to say about the performance:

I had heard about the Salad Time Soldiers shortly after Ohayocon 2008. Although I was unable to attend the previous year I was excited to find out that they were in fact performing again and that I would be able to be there to see it live. I was a bit surprised that the STS girls got a special introduction. When the music started playing and they started dancing I instantly got into it and began clapping with the beat like most of audience. Their dancing was beautifully timed and you could tell that they had poured their hearts into practicing the dance. Their costumes looked amazing and they all looked unison. I was surprised at how well they were able to perform even when crammed onto that tiny stage. They adapted easily and quickly to the tiny space to be able to put on a wonderful performance.

Thank you, Mazoku, for such kind words! We're glad that you enjoyed the show and hope you return for many more!