Salad Time Soldiers - Sailor Pluto
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Sailor Pluto

Name: Megan

Nickname: QueerKitsune

Birthday: March 2nd

Age: 23

Height: 5'6"

Location: Westland, MI

Favorite Color: Black & rainbow

Favorite Musical: Rocky Horror, Repo! The Genetic Opera

Favorite Musical Performer: Tagaki Nao

Favorite Song to Sing: Knockiní Down Hesitation, See me! Boku Tachi no Jidai

Favorite Character to See Performed: The Outers

Favorite Song to See Performed: Broken Mobius, Solar Miracle Make-Up!

Special Skills: Sewing, duct tape art

Hobbies: acting, singing, dancing, walking around aimlessly, cosplay, watching movies, cons, pretending to be a cat, ect.

A Bit About Yourself: Well, I have a deep, undying love of anime and musical theatre, so it was only a matter of time before I tried out for Salad Time! I got into Myu through GeekyJuuu, who told me about it, then brought me to the STS panels at GlassCityCon 2010 & 2011. As soon as I started dancing with these girls, I knew I had to be a part of it! All in all, I feel honored to be able to dance alongside this amazing group of fabulous individuals!
When Iím not performing or doing something anime-related, Iím listening to music, sewing or designing clothes, watching movies, drawing, or attending Schoolcraft to earn a degree in fashion design.
Hey, now that Iím Sailor Pluto, do I get her powers? Do I have to guard the door at all Salad Time events? I shall do it with honor, and not manipulate time to sleep late, because I would die anyway!