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Rules and Guidelines

As with most rules, they are subject to change or ajustments!

  1. All costumes must be made by yourself, a member of the group or a family member; this also applies to wigs, but does NOT apply to props. No commissioned wigs or costumes!
  2. You must be 18 years or older, and will be required to sign some paperwork before you begin practices.
  3. If you cannot attend a required performance, be sure to let us know a few months ahead of time to shift positions!
  4. You will be responsable for your own registration, transportation, hotel fees, food, ect.
  5. If you get a pair of shoes outside of our usual list, please get approval before buying them!
  6. Dance tights are required as part of your costume, as is a pair of spankies in your color (or as close to it as you can find!)
  7. Accepting constructive criticism is a must. If you are doing something incorrectly or we have a suggestion to make it better, understand that you need to learn to take it to heart and improve your dance.
  8. Your costume cannot be publicly displayed until it is debuted with the group. Posting progress pictures or you wearing it at home as a progress picture is fine, but don't wear it to a convention before hand.
  9. Be aware that we have deadlines for both costumes and dancing; and let us know ahead of time if you cannot meet these deadlines!
  10. We are a very dedicated troupe. Please don't apply if you'll be vanishing on us or dropping out quickly!
  11. Finally, to show you have read the rules, put the phrase "The Time is Near" in the "Did you read the rules?" Section of the application. This phrase WILL change from time to time.

That's it! Now, why don't you send us a shiny application? :D