Rules are subject to change, adjust, or be added.

  1. Costumes must be made by you personally, your family, or someone else in the group. No commissioned costumes.
  2. 18 years of age and over only. You will be required to sign some forms before you begin practices.
  3. Must attend all required performances. If you need to miss a performance, you must give as much notice as possible so we can temporarily fill your role or adjust as needed.
  4. You are responsible for your own registration, hotel fees, transportation, food, etc.
  5. All shoes must be approved before using.
  6. Dance tights are required as part of your costume, as are spankies in your corresponding color.
  7. You must be able to accept criticism. If we correct you on a dance move, or say something needs changed, it's not because we're against you in any way.
  8. Your costume cannot be publicly displayed before your debut with the group. You can show progress pictures and things of that nature, but you may not wear it to another convention before hand.
  9. You must meet all deadlines- costume and dance.
  10. You must be dedicated. If you think you may want to drop out after a few months of work, don't apply. You must be willing to learn, and put in a lot of effort.
  11. You must read these rules. If you have, please put the phrase "Yay Sparkles" in the Did you read the rules? area of the application. This phrase will change periodically.