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Sailor Bar

Name: Alyssa

Nickname: Tenka

Birthday: November 23rd

Age: 27

Height: 5'7"

Location: Michigan

Favorite Color: Purple, Green, Orange (In that order)

Favorite Musical: Eien Densetsu (Myu) and Elisabeth (Not Myu)

Favorite Musical Performer: Mochizuki Yuuta and Anza

Favorite Song to Sing: Chasing After You

Favorite Character to See Performed: Jupiter!

Favorite Song to See Performed: Broken Mobius

Special Skills: I have a knack for destruction...

Hobbies: Drawing, RPing, Writing

A Bit About Yourself: I'm Tenka, AKA Salad Bar, Arch Nemesis of the Salad Time Soldiers. I've known Shuu for a little while, having gotten hooked on her RPs. I went to my first convention with her (Youmacon 2009) and met some of the Salad Time Soldiers at Glass City 2010. I created Salad Bar roughly 6 months later after declaring that the Salad Time Soldiers needed their own villain.

When I first joined, I had no knowledge of Sera Myu and no coordination for dance. Now, I'm somewhat educated in Sera Myu and according to our resident Tuxedo Kamen, I have some capability to dance. We'll see...