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Sailor Saturn

Name: Elly

Nickname: Shuu, Shuu-bunni, "The Other Elly"

Birthday: January 9th (three days after Hotaru...)

Age: 30

Height: 4'11"

Location: Bunking with Salad Bar in Michigan.

Favorite Color: Purple, black, silver, teal

Favorite Musical: Un Noveou Voyage!!!! Black Lady, Eien Densetsu, La Reconquista, Petite Etrangere; Les Miserables, Elisabeth, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, Miss Saigon (yes, I'm a nerd)

Favorite Musical Performer: (Myu) Takahashi Karin, Endou Ado, Kawasaki Miki, Mochizuki Yuuta, Kuroki Marina, Takashi Yuu; (Takarazuka) Ayaki Nao, Ryuu Masaki, Hoshihara Misao, Seijou Kaito; (Broadway) Lea Salonga, Colm Wilkinson, John Owen-Jones, Rebecca Luker, Terrance Mann.

Favorite Song to Sing: To a Brand-New World, Destined Couple, Itan no Jyuusei, Toraware no Arutuka

Favorite Character to See Performed: Sailor Saturn, Sailor Galaxia, Princess Kakyuu, Queen Serenity

Favorite Song to See Performed: Galaxia Gorgeous, We'll Be the Last Victory, Toki Michite Kourin, Sailor War Supreme, The World Died Out, Sailor Battle!! La Reconquista, Chronos Guardian, any of the Light of Destruction songs

Special Skills: Wig making

Hobbies: Character design, writing, drawing, costuming/wig making, roleplaying, playing video games...and, of course, MUSICALS!! *shot*

A Bit About Yourself: I am the tinyness that is the Shuu, otherwise known as Elly (not THAT Elly from Miss Dream, I'm "The Other" Elly!)! I am the current leader of the Salad Time Soldiers and I am so happy to be leading this fantastic group of girls! STS is a major part of my life and I am so excited to see what the future brings us!

I got into Sera Myu through Jenna, STS' first Mercury, and she's the one who mentioned the group to it's all her fault I'm the leader now, heh! I've been a Sailor Moon fan since practically before I remember (first saw it in 6th grade), and given my love of Musicals...Sera Myu shoe-horned it's way into my life rather nicely. Although I'm a tad more of a Takarazuka fan right now, I still love Myu (and probably always will)! *sparkles*

When not running around in a shiny mini-skirt and high heels, I work at a fabric store. I'm a pretty quirky and upbeat person, if not a little on the weird side. I can be friendly with the right people (IE: MY FELLOW NERDS), but otherwise I'm kind of introverted. I can be really lazy, and I have a love of cute fluffy things, like bunnies and kitties! :D

Also, I like girls. DEAL WITH IT 8D