Sailor Saturn

Name: Elly

Nickname: Shuu, Shuu-bunni, "The Other Elly"

Birthday: January 9th

Age: 32

Height: 4'11"

Location: Verona, Wisconsin

Favorite Color: Purple, black, silver teal

Favorite Musical: Black Lady, Eien Densetsu, Les Miserables, Elisabeth, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera

Favorite Musical Performer: Endou Ado, Kawasaki Miki

Favorite Song to Sing: To a Brand-New World

Favorite Character to See Performed: Sailor Saturn, Sailor Galaxia

Favorite Song to See Performed: Galaxia Gorgeous, We'll Be the Last Victory, The World Died Out

Special Skills: Wig making. Having the amazing patience/insanity to have made 3 Sera Myu Saturn fuku, and with more Sera Myu fuku in the process!

Hobbies: Character design, writing, drawing, costuming/wig making, roleplaying, playing video games.

A little bit more about yourself: I am the tinyness that is the Shuu, otherwise known as Elly (not THAT Elly from Miss Dream, I'm "The Other" Elly!)! I am the current leader of the Salad Time Soldiers and I am so happy to be leading this fantastic group of girls (and guy <3)! STS is a major part of my life and I am so excited to see what the future brings us!

When not running around in a shiny mini-skirt and high heels, I work at a fabric store. I'm a pretty quirky and upbeat person, if not a little on the weird side. I can be friendly with the right people (IE: MY FELLOW NERDS), but otherwise I'm kind of introverted. I can be really lazy, and I have a love of cute fluffy things, like bunnies and kitties! :D

Also, I like girls. DEAL WITH IT 8D